Lloyd Lab

Department of Microbiology, M409 Walters Life Sciences, Knoxville, TN 37996                       klloyd@utk.edu

Determining carbon and energy sources for the vast uncharacterized majority of marine microorganisms in hydrothermal vents, cold methane seeps, deep oceanic sediments, and coastal estuaries and bays.

By coupling phylogenetic and functional information from RNA and DNA in whole marine sediments and single microbial cells to geochemical parameters, we can link uncharacterized groups of organisms to their environmental functions. We use single cell genomics to develop hypotheses about these largely uncharacterized microbial groups. We are particularly focused on transformations of organic matter and C1 compounds in the deep marine subsurface.

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From left: Richard Kevorkian (PhD student), Talor Noordhoek (summer undergraduate), Taylor Pickett (summer undergraduate), Taylor Roy (research assistant emeritus), Jordan Bird (PhD student), "flat Jeff" (Jeffrey Becker, the UT Microbiology Dept Head emeritus), Karen Lloyd (PI), Joy Buongiorno (PhD student), and Jacob Rosalsky (summer undergraduate)

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