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Karen Lloyd speaks at TED2019: Bigger Than Us. April 15 - 19, 2019, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Photo: Marla Aufmuth / TED

Malcolm X Shabazz Aquatic Biogeochemistry Team. Karen partners with Andrew Steen (Earth and Planetary Sciences at the University of Tennessee),  Patrick Murray, and Nick Ferrero, math teachers at Malcolm X Shabazz High School in Newark, NJ, to introduce young people to environmental biogeochemistry research. Summer research has taken place at the Poconos Environmental Research Center, and the research has been presented at the American Geophysical Union General Meeting. You can read about the collaboration here.

TED Talk about volcanoes. Karen gave a TED talk about carbon sequestration in the deep subsurface biosphere of subduction zones in April 2019 at TED2019. 

TED Talk about mud. Karen gave a TED talk about the marine sediment deep subsurface biosphere in October 2017 at TED@BCG. 

Biology Meets Subduction short film. CoLab Productions and the Deep Carbon Observatory published a short film about the work in Costa Rica.

Short video for NowThisHer through Seeker Media about field work in Chile in March 2020. 

Filmed short explanatory video for mSystems paper in 2018, about how most microbes on Earth are uncultured.

Audio from StoryCollider in October 2019 about Karen’s irrational fear of “getting scooped”back in 2008. She has since recovered.

Ohio State University Science Sunday talk for the public.

Carnegie Institute for Science Evening of Science talk for the public.

University of Tennessee Science Forum talk for the public.

NSF Dimensions project: Siberian Permafrost. Collaborator Tatiana Vishnivetskaya made two films (here and here) about her field work in Siberian permafrost.

Mic/Nite at the University of Tennessee. Karen gave a petcha kutcha style talk (20 seconds per slide, 20 slides) to people who had, thankfully, been drinking beer. Here it is.

15-Second Science. It’s what it sounds like. Literally 15 seconds to say something interesting about one’s research.

C-DEBI professional development webinar on how to get an academic job.

Selected Press

2020         Volcano TED talk featured in TED Radio Hour 

2020         Interview with Jordana Cepelewicz for The Atlantic and Quanta Magazine article.

2020         Interview with Whitney Heins for UTK Alumnus Magazine article.

2020         TV interview with Ben Cathey at WLVT Knoxville about Arctic Research

2019          2nd radio interview with Jonathan McCrea, Newstalk’s Futureproof, Dublin, Ireland 

2019          Interview with Corey Powell for NBC News article.

2019          Interview with Delia O’Hara for AAAS Member Spotlight article.

2019          Interview for The Disruptors podcast with Matt Ward 

2019          New Scientist article 

2019          2nd Radio interview UnDisciplined with Matthew LaPlante for Utah Public Radio 

2019         Mini Geology radio interview with Daniel Minisini

2019         Scientific American article on 2018 mSystems paper

2019         Interview with Martin Rajec at Slovak Public Radio 

2019         Podcast interview with Seth Shostak at SETI on Big Picture Science

2019         Podcast interview with David Kattenburg 

2019         Radio interview with Ireland’s NewsTalk

2018         TV interview for Enlace Judio, Mexico 

2018         Newsweek article

2018         The Guardian article

2018         New York Times article

2018         Nature Microbiology Research Highlights, “The majority is uncultured.” Vol. 16, p. 716

2018         Radio interview with TalkRadio with Paul Ross in London

2018         Radio interview with Alexander South at Radio Sputnik, Edinburgh, UK, 

2018         Radio interview with NPR WUOT

2018         Radio interview with BBC “Science in Action” 

2018         Live radio interview with BBC World Service Newsday

2018         Live TV interview with Australian Broadcasting Corporation

2018         Live TV interview with Al Jazeera’s nightly news in London

2018         1st Radio interview UnDisciplined with Matthew LaPlante for Utah Public Radio 

2018        1st Radio interview for Jonathan McCrea, Newstalk’s Futureproof, Dublin, Ireland

2018         Radio interview with Julie Rose for Top of the Mind, Utah Public Radio, 

2017         Interview with New Scientist

2016         Interview for Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 

2016         Interview for Nova Next article

2012         Interview for Science News for Kids, AAAS

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